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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Loopic?

Loopic is a specialized application tailored for crafting broadcast TV graphics in HTML format. With Loopic, you can design, animate, and program HTML templates in mere minutes.

Which CG software supports HTML templates created with Loopic?

Loopic's templates seamlessly integrate with the following CG software interfaces:

  • CasparCG
  • SPX Graphics
  • LiveOS

Read more about supported CG engines here.

Can Loopic templates be used in software like vMix or OBS?

Absolutely. You can import Loopic templates into SPX and then seamlessly integrate the SPX output as web input in popular software like vMix, OBS, and more.

Is Loopic free?

Yes, Loopic is currently a free software solution. Please note that upcoming updates will introduce a paywall. Rest assured, users will receive ample notice before the introduction of paid plans.

What happens to my project files when Loopic transitions to a paid application?

Your project files will remain intact, although certain functionality may be subject to limitations based on your chosen plan.

Will there be a free version of Loopic in the future?

A free version will be available, primarily designed for users to explore the application.

What are the differences between the free and paid plans?

Detailed limitations will be outlined on the website and in the documentation shortly.

Can Loopic be used to create Flash templates?

No, Loopic's primary focus is on generating HTML-powered templates.

Can Loopic convert After Effects projects to HTML?

While Loopic doesn't directly convert After Effects projects to HTML, it facilitates the process by allowing you to import static assets such as PNG sequences from After Effects, on top of which you can create new elements and further animate.

Is there a desktop version of Loopic?

Currently, Loopic is exclusively available as a web application. However, plans are in place for a desktop version (Win/Mac/Linux) to be released soon.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

If the app is open, you can continue using it seamlessly. However, if the app is closed, you'll need to reconnect to the internet to access it.

Where are my project files stored?

All your project files are securely stored locally on your machine. It's your responsibility to ensure their safekeeping.