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Best Practices

Saving Your Project

It's a good habit to save your project regularly, even if you're not closing the app.

Splitting Compositions Across Multiple Projects

While there's no limit to the number of compositions within a project, consider splitting heavy projects into multiple ones. Distributing resources across projects keeps files smaller and easier to manage.

For example, when creating a sports package template, divide the work into three projects:

  • One for score and results bugs
  • Another for lower thirds
  • And a third for full-frame graphics

Optimal Image Sizes

Ensure images and sequences match the intended resolution of your project. For instance, if your composition is Full HD and you're using a 4K background, resize the image accordingly before importing. You can further optimize file size using tools like Pngyu, enhancing performance during editing and playback.

Removing Unused Resources

Keep your project tidy by deleting any unused resources, even though there are no project size limitations.

Guide Layers

When using layers solely as design references, mark them as guides. This prevents their exportation, keeping your template lightweight.

Testing Your Template

Utilize Loopic's built-in preview function to test your template's functionality. If issues arise, check the preview console. If problems persist, export the template as HTML, run it in a browser, and inspect for any issues.