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Elements API

Elements are the main building blocks of layers. Each layer must have one element, which can be of several types defined with ElementType enumeration. In the table below, you can see all element names, their ElementType and information if that element has default middleware implementation or not.

NameTypeDefault middleware
Text elementTEXT
Image elementIMAGE
Image sequence elementIMAGE_SEQUENCE
Image loader elementIMAGE_LOADER
Rectangle elementRECTANGLE
Ellipse elementELLIPSE
Path elementPATH
Composition elementCOMPOSITION

All element types are described in detail on their dedicated pages.

Below are listed all properties that are shared across all element types. Note that different element types may have their own specific properties and methods together with the common ones.


id Read-Only

  • Type: string

ID of the element.


  • Type: undefined | string

Unique key of the element. The key is used for querying the element using findElementByKey method.

type Read-Only

  • Type: ElementType

Type of the element, as described in the introduction

domNode Read-Only

  • Type: HTMLElement

Reference to DOM element representing an element in DOM structure.

style Read-Only

  • Type: Object

Object containing all element style properties which define its final style. This object is not the same for all element types, for example text element style properties are only available for Text element object. For detailed list of all properties, check the list of all style properties.