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User interface

Loopic's interface is made to be as simple as possible. It is divided into 5 panels, each interfering with each other.

User interface

Containing features for most crucial information such as saving and loading and opening the About window.


The central part of the Loopic - this is the place where our render is shown. Contains zoom and playback options.

Zoom in and out by using a mouse wheel and pan around by holding the SPACE key and clicking and dragging with the mouse over the renderer panel.


Divided into 4 sub-sections:

Compositions - all compositions used in the project Images - all loaded images and SVGs Image sequences - all images loaded as sequences Fonts - all loaded fonts


An area where the real magic happens - this is where you create layers, change it's properties, create keyframes and make animations.


The functionality of this section depends on the selected layer - it shows all available options for specific layer. Some of these options do also appear in the Timeline section, but they can not be animated in this section.