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Supported CG engines

HTML templates exported from Loopic are compatible out of the box with CasparCG and SPX - there is no additional configuration you need to do in order to play templates with those playout systems.


Loopic does not have any extra configurable settings for CasparCG - only play, update and stop methods are called from CasparCG. All behavior that happens next is defined with Loopic Actions.

To install a template in CasparCG, you need to place the template file in the folder from where CasparCG reads templates. To play templates, you can execute some AMCP commands directly from the console or use some CasparCG client application with UI such as the CasparCG client.


Loopic enables extra settings for templates that will be played with SPX. Alongside play, update and stop methods, dedicated SPX settings are available for Composition and Text and Image elements. To install the template in SPX, you need to first place the template file SPX Assets folder. Once it's in the right location, open your project settings and add a template to the list of all templates assigned to that project. For more details about how to set up SPX, check out SPX's official website.